Superblock was developed with tenants of Liverpool high rises, FACT and the BBC. 1,500 questionnaires were sent to the tenants and their extraordinary responses have fed directly into the drama.

The year is 2040. Superblock is a visit to a 1,470 floor tower block built from the salvaged concrete and bricks of the 67 Liverpool high rises demolished in 2005. 14,000 feet high, home to 140,000 people, Superblock is an echo chamber reverberating with voices, like a monstrous filing cabinet full of the filed lives of everyone who ever lived there. The Superblock began as a vision dreamt by an architect that has become a nightmare. Echoing with 67 demolitions, the Superblock sinks, the architect falls…

SuperBlock is recorded at Sheil Park in late 2002, with some parts read by tenants Jim Jones and Freda Smith and others by professional actors George Costigan, Sunetra Sarker, Sam Kelly, Jean Heywood, Michael Starke, Mary Cunningham, Emily Aston, William Dixon, Andrew Schofield and Jane Hogarth. Text by Jeff Young, with further input from tenants Josie Crawford, Ronnie Ross and Peggy Appleby.

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Postcard Newcastle Version
Postcard Newcastle Version