Tatjana Schneider

Tatjana Schneider is a researcher, writer and educator based at the School of Architecture in Sheffield, UK. She is co-founder of research centre ‘Agency’ and was founder member of the workers cooperative G.L.A.S. (Glasgow Letters on Architecture and Space), which aimed to construct both a theoretical and practical critique of the capitalist production and use of the built environment. Her current work focuses on the changing role of architects and architecture in contemporary society, (architectural) pedagogy and spatial agency. She is interested in employing and implementing theoretical, methodological and practical approaches that expand the scope of contemporary architectural debates and discourses by integrating political and economic frameworks that question normative ways of thinking, producing and consuming space. She is (co)author of a number Spatial Agency. Other Ways of Doing Architecture (2011), Flexible Housing (2007), A Right to Build (2011), (co)editor of Agency, Working with Uncertain Architectures (2009) and glaspaper (2001-2007).