Article in The Big Issue

11th May 2016

“Our clients have flourished under the freedom the PROTOHOME project has given them,” said Andrew Burnip, Director of Crisis Skylight Newcastle. “The agency and responsibility involved in building an entire structure from scratch has not only taught them valuable new skills, but has fostered a new sense of creativity and confidence. The transformation in many of them has been remarkable.”

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Article in the Northern Correspondent

13th May 2016

“This project is ultimately about reframing housing as something that is active – as a verb, as something that has social use and value. It challenges the preoccupation we all have with the economic function of housing – as some kind of collateral, as a pension, as an inheritance. We hope that it provides a small glimpse into more engaged and engaging methods of house production, building a home that has individual and collective learning at its heart.”

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Article on the Self-Build Portal website

31st May 2016

“The design and build process emphasised learning – long term personal development and employment opportunities for participants. For the individuals involved in the project who have experienced homelessness, building has been a learning process, one that has been therapeutic, has helped to build confidence and has forged friendships and social ties.”

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Article on Good New Shared website by Anna Kralova

1st July 2016

“The self-build concept within a community is very common in Albania while being completely unknown in the UK. ‘What I’ve found is that in the UK we have become removed from these processes of building and the autonomy in housing that they offer – we have less choice than they do and when our welfare state fails or changes there’s not a lot to fall back on – we can’t build, and we end up of the streets, so often we can be, in housing terms, worse off than those countries considered to be ‘developing’. We also have expertly tight planning systems’”

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Feature in NARC. Magazine by David McDonald

4th July 2016

PROTOHOME is “a fascinating premise, and the more you look into it the more you realise that there is a wealth of self-sustaining, low cost possibilities that can be implemented to provide both homes and practical skills that can generate employment, which is all being completely overlooked by the current political zeitgeist.”

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Article on Custom Build Strategy website

15th July 2016

Editor’s comment: “It never ceases to amaze me how involvement in self and custom build has benefits for communities, and never more so than grass roots projects such as group self build and cohousing. Protohome has disseminated a message locally about community enfranchisement and social equity that goes beyond affordable housing per se. Projects like this have a holistic ethos that allows for personal development and employment opportunities. Why aren’t we seeing more such showcases across the country?”

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